CAES Piura is an agricultural cooperative whose aim is to market organic products cultivated by our partners in various districts of the Sierra of Piura (wetlands of Peru). CAES Piura was founded by four producer organisations on February the 27th of 2009. In October of 2017, the organization became an agricultural cooperative by decision of its assembly.

The CAES head office is in Piura and our processing centre, located in Montero, is decentralized. We have several social bases in various rural districts of the Peruvian Sierra. The transition to co-operative status has allowed the organization to welcome its members as partners; we currently have 80 partners and 11 associations.

The majority of our partners work in Ayacaba province, specifically in the districts of Montero, Jililí, Sicchez, Ayabaca and Frías. We are also active in the Morropón province in the districts of Santa Catalina de Mossa. Finally, we are present in Lalaquiz, Huancabamba province.

We have a deep respect for the land and the products we farm; this worth comes from our ancestors. That’s why our production is certified organic by our Internal Control System which is audited every year, giving us an internationally recognized certificate.

Thanks to the control processes and the skilful management of logistics and transport, we have been able tooffer our high-quality products in Peru and Europe for several years.

Our Mision

To improve the quality of life of our communities and their environment through the production and marketing of various organic products from the Sierra of Piura, while respecting the local environment, by eco-friendly production methods and in agreement with the Peruvian concept of «buen vivir».

Our Vision

To be recognized for the quality of our products and to expand and diversify the products we can offer. We strive to ensure that producers are involved in the cooperative decision maing process and we plan to continue integrating new parteners. We hope to improve the prospects of future generations by strengthening the productive and organization capabilities of young people in the community.

Our Values

  • Responsibility: discipline, trust.
  • Respect: Towards people and the environment.
  • Inclusion: Team work.
  • Transparency: Honesty.
  • Empowerment of producers: Leadership, perseverance.
  • Commitment: Fidelity, loyalty.



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