«Strengthening of the panela production chain in the CAES PIURA cooperative (Peru)»


The objective of this proposal is to ensure access to European markets,ensuring compliance with current regulations and possible developments thereof.

To achieve this, two results are expected:

  1. Improvement of panela processing centers. CAES Piura has a decentralized production system with more than 30 processing centers owned by its producers, which are the families of the Sierra de Piura. To meet the demands of markets and consumers we will assist by providing provided filters and decanters for guarapo that ensure they meet existing requirements and maintainaccess to fair and sustainable markets.
  2. Improvement of the quality control protocols of panela by the Cooperative through the implementation of new systems for measuring humidity or the presence of impurities in the product. Mechanisms to control limiting parameters in production are also investigated.

Thanks to this intervention, more than 10 processing centers are improving, and producers who achieve higher quality receive more compensation for their product.