Implementation of Ecoefficient Technologic Innovations in Organic Panela Production of the CAES Piura Base associations, Montero district, Ayabaca, Piura.

Funded by: National Agricultural Innovation Program – NAIP

The aim of this project was to improve 50 producers’ capacity to enter into a global market with high-quality organic panela. In adittion to land training in BPA and  and information gathering for organic certification and its subsequent inclusion in the CAES Piura certification, the objective was achieved through the construction of a panela processing center in Pichandul and the improvement of another processing center in Pite, with Eco-efficient burners, that is, burners in the bread produced in the milling of the sugarcane, that would be suficient for the process of extracting juice from the sugar cane.

Finally, an institutional strengthening component is described in two lines of action. FirstWe havesucceeded in developing a new institutional image with participation and unified action from our membersIn the second, the mandate for the revision and application of our statutes has been strengthened, in adittion to the preperation the of internal regulations.